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Sarah Powell Owner of SUP Hamilton

Sarah Powell


Owner of SUP Hamilton

Stand Up Paddleboarding became my passion in 2009 when I took my first SUP lesson. I joined the Global PaddleFIT Coaches community in 2016 with my first certification, PaddleFIT CORE. In 2018, I then completed the PaddleFIT PRO certification. Proud to be a trusted source for SUP education & safety for the past 7 years!

As the demand for SUP continues to rise, we are placing a strong emphasis on water safety for our paddlers. 


Our ongoing commitment is focused on partnerships with organizations who can assist with our goal of educating all SUP board operators about water safety. As we anticipate an even larger number of paddlers on the water this coming season, we are offering our latest 75 minute Basic SUP lesson with water safety education.

We promise to make your SUP experience unforgettable... Check it off your bucket list!!

PaddleFit Pro Certified
Paddlefit Core Certified
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