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POP Brand ISUP Boards

I am so excited to place these boards on the water for SUP season 2021!

Here are some of the features I love about these inflatable boards:

  • Dimensions - iSups are 6" thick

  • Advanced drop stitch technology

  • Military grade PVC

  • Universal single fin 

  • Bungee cord for gear

  • Lightweight 3 piece paddle

  • Includes a 10" ankle leash

  • Soft diamond grid deck pad

  • 2 Handles, end, & center

  • Carry bag with wheels, straps, & side pocket

  • 3 year warranty

  • 60 day riders guarantee

  • FUN, colourful designs

These boards are sold through the Canadian Board Co. Use our coupon SUPHAM5 for a 5% discount on your new board!

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