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Each year more people are getting on the water with their own board. How exciting is that? Like most things in life there are growing pains, including SUP. Starting out 12 years ago, I wanted a stable board within my budget. My passion grew quickly for the sport and I became more interested in distance & speed. One thing I know for sure is whenever you're on a new board it feels different regardless of how much experience you have. Last year I bought a race board, I didn't get to use it much but you can bet that my toes were gripping the mat & I fell off, ALOT. ​ It is true that all boards are not manufactured equally and this is why I spend the time to researching boards that I can whole heartedly recommend. My advice to you is do your research & get a board that will match your skill level, take a beginners lesson when you get started to learn the ropes, and always wear a lifejacket (PFD). Below I have listed the features which led me to choose these boards to put on the water for SUP Season 2021 Have FUN & BE SAFE!

POP Brand ISUP Boards

I am so excited to place these boards on the water for SUP season 2021!

Here are some of the features I love about these inflatable boards:

  • Dimensions - iSups are 6" thick

  • Advanced drop stitch technology

  • Military grade PVC

  • Universal single fin 

  • Bungee cord for gear

  • Lightweight 3 piece paddle

  • Includes a 10" ankle leash

  • Soft diamond grid deck pad

  • 2 Handles, end, & center

  • Carry bag with wheels, straps, & side pocket

  • 3 year warranty

  • 60 day riders guarantee

  • FUN, colourful designs

These boards are sold through the Canadian Board Co. Use our coupon SUPHAM5 for a 5% discount on your new board!